Experts To Do DNA Testing on Bigfoot

  • SumoMe

Do Bigfoot really exist? Are sightings of them real or a figment of hikers’ imaginations? A group of Bigfoot experts is planning on providing proof that the elusive creature is indeed real and out in the world not far from you by the end of 2012.

Steven Streufert, a Bigfoot historian, and Rhettman Mullis, a Sasquatch researcher for 35 years, are positive that Bigfoot are as real as you and me and that they’re not quite as elusive as we think. Streufert and Mullis will be working with Bryan Sykes, former professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford, who is working on DNA testing at the Lausanne Museum of Zoology in Switzerland. They have collected a large number of hair samples from all over the world that are believed to be from Bigfoot.

The group plans on testing the samples that they already have at Oxford University and have asked for more samples to be submitted from anywhere in the world through September of 2012. They will do their testing in November and hope to publish their findings in December of 2012. Streufert feels that the scientific pedigree of their testing will be much higher than any other testing done so far.

Streufert, Mullis, and Sykes aren’t the first group to test alleged Bigfoot DNA. Dr. Melba Ketchum led a group of American researchers last year in the United States and their reported findings are anxiously anticipated any day now. According to Ketchum, their results were quite surprising.

Rhetmann Mullis is the President of Bigfootology, a website where information about Bigfoot can be exchanged and collected by experts, and where new enthusiasts can be educated and informed. Mullis has said that after so many decades of reported Bigfoot sightings and attempts to determine if they are real, it’s time to prove their existence once and for all.

He also has some advice for those who want to see Bigfoot for themselves. He says that getting Bigfoot used to seeing you by spending a lot of time in the woods is a good place to start. Once they grow accustomed to your presence, they’re more likely to emerge. He also notes that Bigfoot have very good eyesight, so they’re more likely to see you first and therefore flee before you can get close enough. If you’re patient, take your time, and have fun, you may just have your own sighting.

While many people might be skeptical of the existence of Bigfoot, this DNA testing may be a chance to offer conclusive proof to believers and nonbelievers alike. Streufert and Mullis certainly believe that Bigfoot are real and want to share their enthusiasm and beliefs with the public. They hope that their DNA testing will be the proof that the world needs to finally believe.