Deadliest Animals in the United States [infographic]

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Have you ever wondered what the most deadly animal is in the United States? Is it a predator like a mountain lion, bear or shark? Is it a poisonous snake or insect? The answer might surprise you.

We’ve pulled together data from several injury and fatality databases to pull together a list of the deadliest animals in the United States.

The majority of the fatality figures in this infographic can be found in the Underlying Cause of Death, 199-2009 report from the National Center for Health Statistics database. We ran a search on causes of death and found the codes linked to animal-related fatalities. Specifically:

Cause of Death Code* Deaths
Rider or occupant injured by fall from or being thrown from animal or animal-drawn vehicle in noncollision accident V80 867
Bitten or struck by other mammals W55 798
Contact with hornets, wasps and bees X23 613
Bitten or struck by dog W54 309
Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other nonvenomous arthropods W57 107
Contact with other specified venomous arthropods X25 83
Contact with venomous spiders X21 81
Bitten or crushed by other reptiles W59 77
Contact with venomous snakes and lizards X20 68
Contact with marine animal W56 11
Bitten or struck by crocodile or alligator W58 9
Contact with unspecified venomous animal or plant X29 8
Contact with scorpions X22 6
Contact with centipedes and venomous millipedes (tropical) X24 4
Bitten by rat W53 3
Contact with venomous marine animals and plants X26 1
Contact with other specified venomous plants X28 1

* We’ve included the code so you can see exactly what data we pulled

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