Animals Vs Olympians – Longest Jumper

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Animals Vs. Olympians - Longest Jumper

Snow leopards are able to jump 50 feet horizontally, as well as 20 feet vertically. Snow leopards can jump higher than kangaroos, but cannot sustain long jumps for long distances. Snow leopards live in the mountain regions of central Asia, and their bodies have adapted to living in steep rocky slopes. The long jump is a popular track and field event that was celebrated in the Ancient Olympic Games, and the event has been held in every modern Olympics since 1896. The world record for long jump distance is 8.95 meters, held by USA athlete Mike Powell. He made history in 1991 by breaking the long-time record held by Bob Beamon since 1968.

Name Country Distance Date
Mike Powell USA 8.95 m 30 August 1991
Bob Beamon USA 8.90 m 18 Oct 1968
Carl Lewis USA 8.87 m 30 Aug 1991
Robert Emmiyan Soviet Union 8.86 m 22 May 1987

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