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Animals Vs Olympians - Fastest Swimmer

The Indo-Pacific sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds of 68 miles per hour. Its body was built for speed, and the sailfish will fold its fins close to its body so that it can swim more smoothly through the water. The tuna fish is the speed champion for long distances, averaging 45 miles per hour. The fastest speed that a human swimmer can reach is about 5 miles per hour. American swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals, currently holds seven world records for speed. His record time of 49.82 seconds in the 100-meter butterfly is the equivalent of 4.49 miles per hour. The 50-meter freestyle record held by Cesar Cielo of Brazil of 46.91 seconds is the equivalent of 5.3 mph.

Event Name Country Time Date
100 m freestyle Cesar Cielo Brazil 46:91 30 July 2009
200 m freestyle Paul Bidermann Germany 1:42:00 28 Jul 2009
100 m backstroke Aaron Peirsol USA 51:94 8 July 2009
200 m backstroke Aaron Peirsol USA 1:51:92 31 July 2009
100 m breaststroke Cameron van der Burgh South Africa 58:46 29 Jul 2012
200 m breaststroke Daniel Gyurta Hungary 2:07:28 1 August 2012
100 m butterfly Michael Phelps USA 49:82 1 August 2009
200 m butterfly Michael Phelps USA 1:51:51 29 July 2009

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