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Welcome to Zoology Degrees Online!  This is your one stop shop for all things pertaining to earning a zoology degree and getting started in your career in the field of zoology.  With the many career opportunities in the field of zoology, all you need is an interest in animals and a desire to succeed.  If you have those two things, you can earn a degree in zoology and be on your way to a successful career in zoology.  This website talks about the various options you have as a student studying zoology or a related field, different paths you can take to reach your career goals, different job opportunities dealing with animals, and much, much more!

Before getting started on your journey to becoming a successful zoologist, it’s important to lay out a career path to help you accomplish your goals.  That starts with choosing the correct school that provides the types of programs that you are interested in.  For more information on the various schools, see our article entitled “Zoology Colleges,” which will give you not only a list of accredited schools with strong zoology programs, but also a guide of how to choose which school will be best for your chosen path.

Once you have decided on a school, it is important to get involved as much as you can in the zoology department.  Get to know the professors, apply to be a professor’s assistant or a lab assistant, and get involved with specialty projects that come available.  If you do this, not only will you be a step ahead of most of your classmates, but it will also allow you to develop specific interests in areas of zoology that maybe you were unaware of before.  As simple as some of these projects and activities may seem, they sometimes lead to long-term employment.

If you are unable to find work within the zoology department at your college or university, look for job opportunities outside of campus that may be available to you.  Some common entry-level opportunities are listed below.

  • Working at a zoo (even if it means selling tickets or working at the food court)
  • Veterinary Assistant
  • Animal Shelter Volunteer
  • Working at the Humane Society
  • Working at an aquarium

These are just a few ideas.  For more information about available jobs and how it can help your career, see our article entitled “Zoology Jobs.”

Getting a Zoology Degree

If you are dedicated to having a long career in the field of zoology, you need to be prepared to earn degrees beyond just a bachelor’s degree.  While you can get jobs with a bachelor’s degree, the best jobs require a doctorate degree.  This is due to the fact that most zoologists are employed by schools and universities or the government (in areas such as wildlife management, conservation, and agriculture), almost all of which require a doctorate degree.  Also, if you want to do independent research of any kind (whether it be out in the field in a remote area of the world, in the lab, or a combination of both) you must have a doctorate degree.

If you don’t consider yourself the scholarly type, there is no need to fear.  Some master degree and doctorate degree programs allow you to be in the field as much or more than in the classroom.  If you love animals, then earning advanced degrees in zoology or related fields can actually be a fun adventure of discovery in the animal kingdom.